TEA-LC - Stationery Range

The most anxious/stressed/negative time in life has been found to occur in young adulthood; 18-30 years old. This above-average amount of stress and anxiety can lead to health problems in later life.

Surprisingly, there are no greeting cards aimed towards encouraging young people out of negative mindsets; no positive affirmation/distraction to encourage and lend a helping hand. I aimed to create a brand that does exactly this; a card range that can be sent to people who need encouraging and can serve a distraction from the negative aspects of life.

This greeting card range targets four specific negative moods/feelings; ‘Anxiety’, ‘Stress’, ‘Insomnia’ and ‘Melancholy’ The unique concept behind this greeting card range is that each card includes a scientifically proven Tea type (in the form of a Tea bag), to help target and improve each specific mood.

For example, the ‘Melancholy’ card includes a Matcha Green Tea bag, as Green Tea has been scientifically proven to raise Serotonin levels in the brain. (High Serotonin = Happy Mindset)

Designed to send to a loved one, who needs a little

(Inspired by Japanese Tea Ceremonies, and the Japanese culture in general, for the concept and visuals of oriental colours and patterns. Each card has a different colour and pattern combination, to be distinguished easily on a shelf.)

Cards are sized as 105 × 159mm

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